Photo Shoots – What To Wear For Each Season

Preparing for photo shoots is always key – whether it is deciding if you need a hair cut, a new outfit or if you’re too “matchy matchy” with your family members! But one of the most challenging things that most people ask us is, what should I wear? will it clash with the outdoor scenery?

Improving Your Website Ranking

Internet marketing through a website provides one of the best ways of getting potential customers to buy products and services. All businesses whether small, medium, or large need to include online marketing as one of the marketing strategies to increase sales. Search engine optimization and your ranking in these engine is key.

Social Media – What Platform Do I Use For My Business?

social media creative atmosphere

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, there is no denying there is tons of options when it comes to social media platforms. In today’s world if you’re business isn’t online, you are missing out on being seen by your potential customer. A website is a good start but don’t forget social media.