What Makes A Good Logo?

Having an effective logo can be a huge advantage, especially for a small business. Creating a personalized logo defines a business, not only for itself but for its current and future clients. Because it is a type of branding, a good logo is an investment of time and money.  From the design to the versatility or the memorability, what makes a good logo is as unique to the business as the business itself.

Email Marketing & Your Business

Technology is always changing and so is the way we reach customers. We have social media, instant messaging, funnels, traditional outside sales opportunities but we often forget email marketing as a strategy to include in our business and marketing plans. No… it doesn’t mean just opening up your inbox and sending an email to a client. In this blog, we break down email marketing and how to effectively use it as a small business.

What is Branding? & Why is it Important?

what is branding creative atmosphere

Branding… a word that looks small but definitely has a big meaning – especially for businesses. Now, we see this time and time again… business owners getting branding confused with just whipping up a logo. A logo isn’t branding – it’s a component of what makes up branding.

10 Things We Need From You Before Starting A Website Design

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A business website is always something on every owner’s mind (or it should be). But when you are a new business or considering a new website design, there is a lot to think about. Some business owner’s come to us prepared and other’s just don’t know where to start which is ok too. Whether you deal with Creative Atmosphere, another website designer or you use a website builder on your own, these are 10 things you should think about no matter which route you go. Even before you commit to a website builder or designer too.