Summer Marketing Tips

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School’s out for summer and that means vacations throughout summer months. Once June rolls around, many business owners take a cue from school kids and decide that all the serious work is done until September. They’re technically “open” over the summer, but they drop their effort towards a lot of marketing efforts because they feel it’s ineffective. But summer is a fantastic time for cultivating business opportunities. But like warm weather and fresh fruit, summer offers seasonal possibilities that are too good to pass up.

Marketing Your Business With Instagram

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With a staggering three hundred million users per month, Instagram is fast becoming the number one social media platform to its counterpart, Facebook. This has it’s benefits to for small businesses since Facebook owns Instagram allowing you to use your ad dollars across both platforms if you choose too.

GDPR – Impact On Small Business

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Over the past week or so, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of emails come into your inbox asking you to re-confirm your subscription to a certain newsletter or business’s online resources.  This is because of changes to data protection regulations in the European Union. Now you might wonder, “I’m not in the EU, how does this apply to me”, well we are going to break it down and how you can implement it to make your customers here feel more at ease about implementing the changes due to GDPR. Undoubtedly, other countries will follow suit with similar regulator changes.