2019 Charity Give Back Winner

When we started Creative Atmosphere in 2016, we always wanted to make sure that we gave back to the community that would ultimately provide our growth and success. At our roots was our love for helping non-profit organizations or charities in someway. From day 1, we have given back in a variety of ways whether it be monetary donations, in-kind sponsorship or even setting up events of our own with a group in mind.

In 2019 a new idea came to mind during our year-end brainstorming. Oxford County is full of wonderful and deserving non-profits or charities that could benefit from a little boost in their web presence. The Charity Give Back Program was born in order to help 1, registered non-profit or charity to improve their online presence with a basic website design and hosting that will help them prosper to meet their goals, increase their visibility etc.

In our first year, we were fortunate enough to have 5 great nominated organizations or charities.

  1. Oxford County Animal Rescue
  2. Ingamo Homes
  3. The Inn of Woodstock
  4. United Way Oxford
  5. Oxford County Suicide Prevention Team

It was a difficult to narrow it down to just one organization but we had a panel of 8 people who helped us narrow down our 2019 Charity Give Back Winner.

Oxford County Suicide Prevention Team was selected as our first Charity Give Back Winner. They are doing great work in our community and need a better platform in order to share their message, provide resources to those in need and advocate for change.

Stay tuned for more information as this project gets underway and completed. Nominations for the 2020 Charity Give Back Program will open January 1, 2020.



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