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Common Myths About Graphic Design

Graphic design and building your brand is key for any business in today.  If you are planning to work with a graphic designer at any point in your business, be prepared for a lot of questions, discovery of your brand but allow the designer the freedom to develop something that will impress you and your target audience. This blog, we dive into the common myths about graphic design.

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10 Ways To Know If You Need To Re-Brand

The great power of branding can clearly be seen in the big names like Disney, Coca Cola, John Deere just to name a few. These big name businesses have taken many years to establish themselves in their respective industries. As they have grown, they have seen their brand grow and change as well through re-branding.

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What Makes A Good Logo?

Having an effective logo can be a huge advantage, especially for a small business. Creating a personalized logo defines a business, not only for itself but for its current and future clients. Because it is a type of branding, a good logo is an investment of time and money.  From the design to the versatility or the memorability, what makes a good logo is as unique to the business as the business itself.

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