Ways To Connect With Your Audience During COVID-19

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We are all social beings. One thing we haven’t been able to do for the last few weeks is see the smiling faces of our customers coming in our doors. We have COVID-19 to thank for that but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep connected. We’re going to look at ways that we can still […]

5 Smart & Responsible Marketing Tactics During COVID-19

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How is everyone adjusting to COVID-19? It’s been a few weeks since our lives have really changed. Those first few weeks were used to make major changes to how many businesses did business. Whether it was taking their business online or unfortunately closing their doors and making alternative arrangements for their employees. As many business […]

Marketing during COVID-19

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The household name over the last few weeks has certainly been coronavirus or COVID-19. By now, we’ve already been feeling the impacts of what this disease is doing to life as we once knew it but it’s already significantly effecting local small business. Some of have been able to adapt to new methods but others […]

Marketing Trends for 2020

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Digital marketing it’s a field in continuous change. Technology changes fast and this determines marketing strategies to become adequate according to the industry trends. Society and technology evolve fast so you must keep up with this. You have to use innovative marketing strategies in order to assure your business growth. Let’s talk about the biggest trends that you should pay attention […]

Common Myths About SEO

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Companies may tend to invest a lot of their time and resources into SEO which in real sense is an excellent marketing strategy as it involves use of the internet to market their content via websites. However, some companies go down the wrong path unknowingly and become resentful as much has been invested into Search Engine Optimization. We always encourage business owners to do their research and learn a little bit about SEO before investing or doing it themselves.

FAQ: How do I promote my business with no money?

We get asked this question quite frequently and the answer can differ depending on who you talk to. The one thing that we will tell you is there is always going to be a cost to promoting your business. What most people forget is that time is money as well. So you could hustle and do everything on your own without outsourcing or purchasing anything. But the one thing you have to think about is what’s the value of your time in order to complete all the tasks to make it happen? Is it $15 per hour? Is $1000 per campaign? or more?

Must Listen to Marketing Podcasts

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There’s been a new evolution in the last few years of how we learn and take in information, especially with our busy lifestyles. What better way to listen to it while you are on the go.

Why Marketing Plans Fail

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One thing that just about every business owner has done is to write a business plan that describes who they are, what they do and ultimately how they are going to bring their product/service to market. Arguably one of the biggest component to that plan is the marketing plan.

Winners & Losers of Superbowl LIII

Perhaps one of our favourite times of the years is Superbowl season. Not only is it a good game (usually) but it’s also the time were we see the best of the best in the marketing world.