Our Favourite Stock Photo Sites

Sometimes you need a photo – maybe for a social media post, maybe for a marketing piece. Don’t have a budget to purchase stock photos? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite, royalty free stock photos.

7 Reasons Why You Need Professional Photography

professional photography photographer woodstock ontario creative atmosphere

We’ve all heard the term “A picture can say a million words”. We use professional photography or photographers to capture life’s precious moments such as families, special events, such as weddings. We trust the professional to take the best quality pictures, with the right angle, and the best lighting so we can enjoy looking at them for decades to come.

Photo Shoots – What To Wear For Each Season

Preparing for photo shoots is always key – whether it is deciding if you need a hair cut, a new outfit or if you’re too “matchy matchy” with your family members! But one of the most challenging things that most people ask us is, what should I wear? will it clash with the outdoor scenery?