Ways to Engage – Part 1

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So you’ve set up your social media channels but now you have to engage your audience in order to convert them from ‘likes’ and ‘leads’ to customers to help your bottom line. In this three-part blog series we will be chatting at how to increase your engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with some simple and effective tips.

6 Marketing Ideas For The Holiday Season

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The holiday season is upon us and sometimes we lose a little momentum as we look forward to a little break over the holidays. But you can also make one final push with your marketing in the last month of the year. Holiday marketing strategies work no matter your business. Your customers can always use a little reminder to stop in to your store to purchase those last minute holiday gifts or to reach out to set up your services.

Value of Social Insights

Social media insights provide so much valuable information to small business owners. The insights on social media are almost as valuable as the analytics you should be receiving from your website through Google Analytics. Be sure to use them to your advantage. Not sure what you should you be looking for or how to interpret it, keep reading.

Social Media – What Platform Do I Use For My Business?

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, there is no denying there is tons of options when it comes to social media platforms. In today’s world if you’re business isn’t online, you are missing out on being seen by your potential customer. A website is a good start but don’t forget social media.