Does Your Website Need An Update?

Having a website is the cornerstone to every business and is the most common marketing tool. Without a website and an online presence, it makes it very difficult for a potential client to find you. It’s almost like not having a phone number. Although there are obvious advantages to having a website but there is also one major disadvantage – you need to keep your content and website design up to date.

In order to maintain your online reputation, it is critical to ensure that the content on your website is always kept current. If you are questioning whether you need to update your current site or a complete website re-design, you should consider the following signs.

Outdated Contacts and Addresses

Many people visit your website within your organization in search of connections. This could include the business’s address or phone. Even staff profiles to find ways to reach out with opportunities or questions about what your business provides. If visitors to your website are not getting through based on what might be on your site, they may give up searching quite easily and consider searching for your competition. The same can be said if your website contains staff profiles for those that are no longer with your business. These profiles should be eliminated promptly be removed. If you relocate your business, your address and any phone numbers should also be updated promptly.

Products and Services

If you list specific products and services on your website, it is crucial to keep up on what is available and what might no longer be in stock for example. If a potential customer sees that the product is available on your website but call to inquire more, you will leave them with disappoint when you have to inform them that you no longer carry the product they might be looking for. You should consider removing that product entirely if you no longer carry it or consider an out of stock message. If you are offer an entirely new product or service but it isn’t on your website, your potential client won’t know that you are able to provide it to them. Your business and the unlisted product will not come up in Google searches. It is advisable to check on your site regularly.

Website Design

The technology is changing at an alarming rate and so do website designs. It is, therefore convenient to update the site with the current website design. This will help you to compete with the current market. A new concept tends to be faster, efficient, and most convenient. It may assist the entity trade adversely. Also, the design of the products or services offered may have changed. It is wise to ensure your website design include the modified models.

Mobile Accessibility

There are so many types of devices that people can surf the web with today – desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Smartphone technology has changed adversely and has made it easier on how people get information. The website design that cannot have access from the phone or tablet may make it so hard to serve its purpose nowadays. The majority of people prefer using smartphones to go through the internet and peruse over the websites. Older websites are not optimized for these devices. Because they are not optimized, it forces users to zoom in and excessive scrolling to view content on your website. Unfortunately, this can easily frustrate people and can cause them to leave if information isn’t accessible. Therefore, changing the website design with the changing technology is of great importance.

Current Photos and Pricing

If you post photos of your products and services, you should ensure that they are accurate with the description you’ve included. You should frequently review your photos to reflect any changes in product, staff, special promotions etc. Load updated photos every once and a while to encourage visitors to come back. A similar process should also be followed for any pricing you might list on your website. Current prices including pictures of items on trade are of most importance. Ensure that pricing found your website reflects what you are currently offering. This is very important especially if a potential client is comparing products/services with one of your competitor.

Search Engine Ranking

Whenever you do any sort of updates on your website, updating you search engine optimization should also be adjusted to make sure it also has relevant and up to date information. The ranking of a good website depends on new things or updated flows. If there was nothing new for a couple of days or months or even years, it might look irrelevant to the internet. By updating your website design, you ensure that the web is given a top rank in the search engines.


With rampant cases of hackers on the web, it is advisable always to update your website. Mostly, hackers tend to hack older sites than new ones. It is, therefore essential to take caution on such threats as it can bring huge loss to your business. Protect your business against threats up reaching new technologies and tactics to prevent potential damage to your website.


Beautiful and professional appearance to your website will always be more attractive to anyone. It improves the number of peoples visiting the website. It also gives the urge of visitors wanting to peruse over and over and thus get more informed. This way it may serve as a crucial tool for marketing the business’s products or services. A potential client is also more likely to also share your website with others.



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