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Google My Business For Small Businesses

When you want to look something up on the internet, where do you go? Probably, most you will say the first place you will go is Google. Eight out of ten consumers are using search engines to fetch business information such as contacts and working hours. For businesses, this reminds of the importance of online presence. Business owners should be informed of the emerging features that will make life in online platforms easier on top of optimizing your business operations. Google has a very intuitive platform called Google My Business.

Just What Is Google My Business?

This is a unified interface for managing all your business information on Google as it appears on Google+, Search, or Google Maps. Google My Business (GMB) is geared for every brick-and-mortar businesses but is just as helpful to freelancers and those that work with no set geographically area.

GMB helps you update your business hours, contact information, reviews, and current business photos. It is a very instrumental component to Search Engine Optimization as well.

Features Of Google My Business
  1. Having information about the features of GMB will put you in a better position to tap the online potential and perhaps improve your Google ranking. The features include;
  2. Google Posts- This is a GMB feature that allows users to include content e.g blog posts, services, and events on Google. The posts will be displayed on Google Search for 7 days after which they are archived. These posts help improve your business ranking in Google listing.
  3. GMB messaging feature- This feature enables businesses to chat directly with the clients who find the business via Web Search.
  4. The Q/A feature- This feature allows clients to ask questions and get answers from the community and business owner.
Benefits Of Google My Business to Small Business Marketing

To understand how your business will gain from a Google My Business listing, consider this;Statistics show that more than five billion Google searches are made daily. This means exposure to billions of potential clients every day. But how do you allure the web visitors to view your services?

This is exactly what Google My Business App does for your business. It improves your business appearance that attracts and helps in keeping the clients to your services by allowing images and video uploads among other posts.

In addition, the platform is free. Utilizing the features well will land your business listing higher in the search results adding the advantage of ease of accessibility and clients attraction. All these at zero cost. This makes GMB one of the most cost-effective tools for marketing for small businesses.

If you choose, you can connect your Google Adwords account to your listing to pack an added punch your business.

After setting up your listing, you should consider the following to get the best out of your listing:
  1. Create Multiple locations- This hack helps clients know the nearest branch of your small business. (if applicable)
  2. Write Engaging Content- Let your site be active. Regular posting of relevant information i.e. content that answers FAQs will have a great impact on your business search results.
  3. Analyse Reviews- Encourage your clients to leave a review about your products or services. Ensure you respond to the reviews. Reviews will increase your business exposure.
  4. Add quality images and videos- Images and videos improve your visibility on google by attracting web visitors to your site. With Google My Business feature, you can add up to 5 videos and 10 images.

Google My Business is a must-have marketing tool for businesses that are growth-oriented. Ensure that you claim your listing or if you already have one, login to ensure everything is up to date.

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