Is Your Website Ready for Google’s Update?

In Marketing Strategy, Website Design by Kristen Jerry

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL as they are commonly referred to in the web world,  is a standard security technology that creates a secure link between your web server and your browser. This protects the site from anyone spying on you and your visitors. The security certificate verifies the identity of the site and encrypts and receives information that users send to the site. This ensures that no other person has access to the information.

After years of paying for “secure by default” sites, Google will classify insecure sites in Chrome from mid-summer.

July will be a great month for Google. Beginning of this month, the corporation announced its updated speed in July, published today that it will also identify all websites that are not migrated to HTTPS as “unsafe”.

Google has driven the website to make adjustments to insecure websites for years now – including a tip of small rankings to promote motivation. The campaign confirmed successful.

Depending on the extent of the site and the scope of the scheme, migration from HTTP to HTTPS can be a comprehensive commitment. But can provide confidence that you are who are to your customers.

SSL has been common for many years in the e-commerce world where confidential information is prevalent. The SSL certificate providers provide a layer that safely stores details about a customer such as name, phone number, address and credit card details. SSL establishes a secured connection between the customer, web browser and the company. It is a parameter that ensures that customers’ sensitive information is not misused.

You might have many websites with a URL containing https instead of http. The “s” implies that the website has SSL layer activated. Check your website to see if you have something like this before your URL. If you do, you have nothing to worry about.

If you do not see ‘secure’ before your URL, this means that your website does not have an SSL installed and you will want to contact your hosting company to have this implemented to take advantage of the following benefits.

Benefits of SSL

The apparent benefit of SSL is providing the customer with a safe medium to access a company’s website, particularly when some monetary transactions are involved. However, it serves many more benefits such as:

Information encryption
The main role of Secure Sockets Layer is to encrypt the information provided by the customer to ensure only the intended parties can understand it. The layer creates an encrypted channel between the customer and the company. If someone tries to steal the information on-the-way, they cannot understand the details as the information is sent in an encrypted mode. Therefore, the information stolen by the attacker is completely useless for them.

Provides Authentication
SSL ensures that the information provided by you reaches the correct server without being stolen. Server Certificate, which is provided with SSL by the Secure Sockets Layer certificate providers, works as a channel between the SSL server and browser and implies that the server is protected and trustworthy. The certificate also allows the users to see if the SSL is validated and up to date.

Boost Customers’ Trust
People always trust a website where an SSL is implemented, because they feel secured and safe while browsing such website. This is more critical when you want to your customers to make online payments or require their sensitive information. If you ask for any such transaction without having the SSL implemented, chances are very few that the users will trust your website.

Necessary for Accepting Payments
You must have the SSL implemented if you want to accept payments from your customers. Payment gateway providers do not provide a payment channel until you have the Secure Sockets Layer and proper encryption method of at least 128-bits. Therefore, if you run an online business or an ecommerce website, having the SSL is essential for you.

Improves your Brand Value
You have a stronger brand value if your website has SSL certificate. Websites with SSL certificate are always more reputed than those without an SSL.

Google gives priority to those websites which have Secure Sockets Layer certificate or https in other words. What does this mean in short, if you have an SSL on your site, it will rank higher in Google than a competitor that doesn’t.

With so many benefits, having the SSL certificate is highly required for online businesses. Get your certificate as soon as possible give your business an edge over your competitors.

Any websites designed and hosted by Creative Atmosphere are built with an SSL for added security and benefits automatically. If you require a new website and want to take advantage of the added benefits of SSL, reach out to us for a free discovery session to understand your needs.