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As far as digital marketing is concerned, 2018 has been a year of continuity of some of the trends that were already beginning to appear in 2017, as well as the affirmation of new actions.

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As far as digital marketing is concerned, 2018 has been a year of continuity of some of the trends that were already beginning to appear in 2017, as well as the affirmation of new actions.

The marketing trends that originated in 2017 and that have had their appearance in 2018 have been basically two:

  • Growth of two already classic social networks – Facebook and Instagram. Despite the bad omens in relation to these two giants of social platforms, especially the alleged abandonment of millennials, the fact is that both Facebook and Instagram have grown in 2018 – both in number of users and advertisers. The secret of the good health of these veteran networks is that they have been able to adapt to the new uses, needs and demands of users, such as streaming video.
  • Boost of the video format. The videos, which were already going strong in 2017, had a great public acceptance during 2018, which has encouraged marketing managers to include them in their digital campaigns. Especially in its more affordable versions: testimonial videos, interviews or videos of product samples.

The Importance of Knowing the Trends in Digital Marketing

Prediction of trends is important and very useful part of setting your strategies. These are the main advantages of knowing what the immediate future will bring us in the marketing sector:

  • Being aware of the news helps to define the most appropriate strategy.
  • Prepare an online marketing plan with all the necessary actions , prioritizing the most important.
  • The information on trends is very useful when preparing the marketing budget for next year, determining the economic and material resources that we will need and the most profitable investments.
  • It helps that the news does not catch us unexpectedly and it is easier for us to adapt to them. They help us to stay one step ahead of the competition.

What awaits us in 2019?

After a review of the previous year, we unveil what, in our opinion, will be the 7 main trends in digital marketing in 2019.

Video marketing

Everything indicates that in 2019, the use of video will be intensified and developed in marketing campaigns. The incorporation of a new specific application for video functions in HubSpot, one of the worldwide reference platforms of online marketing, is a very clear track that demonstrates the growing importance of this format in digital marketing. The importance of video to impact the user.

The non-use of video in our online marketing campaigns prevents us from benefiting from the following battery of advantages:

  • The potential level of visibility of video pieces in social networks and online platforms is very remarkable.
  • Video content has a great impact and add value to the user. They facilitate interactivity with users. Improve engagement between brand and customer. They are a format of great consumption on the internet in all types of connection devices.
  • The use of video is a favorable factor for organic positioning (SEO).

Incorporation of IGTV on Instagram

With more than 4 million daily interactions and with an average participation that exceeds Facebook by 23%, Instagram has been no longer a promise for years to become one of the most powerful marketing channels on the Internet. In order to strengthen its prominence, a few months ago the social network Instagram launched IGTV. It’s new video platform dedicated exclusively to mobile users – videos produced vertically making it fully suitable for viewing in the screens of small size of smartphones. One of the main novelties of IGTV, is that it allows to publish videos of long format and that makes it possible for the set up of more complex strategies with ads in Instagram Stories.

Augmented Reality on Facebook

It is a very novel option and still in the development phase but with great potential. The augmented reality ads on Facebook allow, with a single touch in the CTA “Tap to try”, to access the camera of the user’s phone so you can see how they would have, for example, a pair of sunglasses or a lipstick . It can be very useful for the promotion of certain products and involves a great change in the way of interacting with the user, improving their experience.

Chatbots in Marketing Automation

The chatbots can be considered as another part of marketing automation, allowing to simulate conversations with customers automatically, gradually achieving greater perfection thanks to the use of artificial intelligence systems. Its basic beginnings of the principle are giving way to a remarkable development of this system that, possibly, will be perfected in 2019 allowing advantages such as:

  • Cost savings in customer service staff.
  • More efficient and agile interaction with the client.

They can become systems with which some customers feel more comfortable. The weak points of chatbots is that they require a somewhat high initial investment and not all people feel comfortable communicating with them or are effective for all services or markets.

Marketing of Influencers

The influencers are the celebrities or celebrities of the virtual world. Your channels on YouTube or Instagram have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and loyal followers. They are characterized by having a great charisma and magnetism, being able to generate opinion and create trends. Therefore, the simple appearance of some of them with a garment of a specific brand may increase sales due to the effect of many of their followers. And the same goes for a good review of an article or service.

The strategies of marketing influencers are still very new and, therefore, with a wide range of travel and development. It is expected that, in 2019, due in part to a foreseeable change in the legislation that requires greater transparency in certain marketing campaigns with influencers, this type of campaign will opt for: Identification and use of influencers that add value to a brand because users feel identified with the character and not so much by more general criteria such as the number of followers of their channel.

In other words: quality will also prevail over quantity on the issue of influencers. The campaigns of this type will be focused mainly on achieving engagement with users , seeking complicity and the creation of positive synergies between brand, influencer and client.

News in Voice Search

The voice searches will be taken increasingly into account in the digital marketing strategies of companies by the confluence of three factors:

  • The unstoppable increase in voice searches by users. The incorporation of devices or gadgets such as Google home or Alexia de Amazon, which expand the search by voice to other uses and devices , removing exclusivity to smartphones, as was the case until now.
  • The remarkable impact on SEO of this trend . When searches are made by voice are different than when writing them, because there is usually a greater semantic uncoordinated and geolocation has an important weight.

All this must be considered in our keyword search strategies and other issues.

Increase in the use of mobile devices

The progressive increase of the use of the smartphone to access the different web pages , gradually moving the desktop PC (desktop) as a form of priority connection, is not in itself a novelty. However, in order to define the web design and content strategies for 2019, a series of data collected in this post can not be ignored:

  • The 90% of the members of the millennial generation, a strip of very consumerist age, are connected via online daily basis and almost uninterrupted .
  • Although the use of the desktop to buy online or fill conversion forms in leads is still a majority, 40% of brand ambassadors (influential users who recommend and criticize products) already use the smartphone to buy .
  • The latest changes in the algorithm of Google to position web pages give priority to the mobile version in those pages that have two different versions.

How to use the Trends in Our Favor

In conclusion, we would like to stress the importance of always being well informed of the trends in online marketing in order to incorporate them into our strategies and annual budgets and being prepared for the changes that lie ahead. The knowledge of the trends allows us to position ourselves in an advantage over the competition, anticipate changes, apply new actions and analyze the results based on the reaction of users.

This does not mean that we have to try to apply all the tendencies, but only those that we think can give us advantages and benefits. Finally, it is important to remember that trends are not irrefutable, incontestable, or rigid facts. They may change over the course of the year, not materialize or not do so as strongly as the experts had predicted.

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