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Marketing Trends for 2020

Digital marketing it’s a field in continuous change. Technology changes fast and this determines marketing strategies to become adequate according to the industry trends. Society and technology evolve fast so you must keep up with this. You have to use innovative marketing strategies in order to assure your business growth. Let’s talk about the biggest trends that you should pay attention to in 2020 if you own or do marketing for a small business.

Mobile user experience 

Mobile it’s gaining higher popularity and customers expect to have great experiences on these devices also. In a fast forward world being relevant and responsive in mobile, it’s the key to success. The focus must be to invest in AMP and PWA.

Brand transparency 

Generation Z, those born in 1995 and 2005, declare that they want to change the world. So to be relevant in 2020 your brand should be transparent, should show how you want to change the world, to communicate your business role in society.

Conversational marketing

82% of the customers want a quick response when they have a question for business. So you must provide relevant responses as soon as possible and throw every channel available: chat, messenger, email.

Video marketing 

Even if it is about Social media or your website’s content, you should consider adding videos that are relevant to your customers or potential customers. A study reveals that 72% of businesses said that using videos improved their conversion rate and 52% of consumers said that watching a video that describes better a product made them more confident with purchasing from that company.

Social Media stories 

Stories are available as an option on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and businesses must use them accordingly. They will improve brand awareness, increase traffic to the website, are a great opportunity for attracting young people.

Push notifications 

Option of the browser that it’s currently used by 85% of the online stores in 2019. They have great advantages such as they are seen immediately by the user, at least twice more people sign up for push notifications than they do for signing up for a newsletter.

Content marketing 

This is a feature that will continue to stay important in 2020 as well. Google pays even more attention to relevant content and if you want your business to be highly ranked in the search engine, you should provide great, relevant content for your users.

Interactive content 

Interactive content is a fast-growing digital marketing trend in 2020. Interactive content such as polls, augmented reality ads, 360 degrees videos gain popularity. 91% of buyers search for interactive content, that will make them feel more connected with the brand.

User-generated content 

This is the key to reaching millennials and Generation Z. You must encourage users to share unique content, by offering them a discount for doing so. This will increase brand engagement and raise the conversion rate. People tend to trust others more like they trust a brand. So if you let other people talk about your business will help you increase the trust of the potential buyers and they will be more willing to buy from you.



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