Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

In Marketing Strategy by Kristen

Starting and establishing a business can be difficult. It also has the potential to require a lot of capital depending on what market you are trying to break into. Many business owners are focused on getting licensing and processes in order that they some times forget to set aside a portion of the capital budget to marketing.

It then becomes difficult to market your business and it’s offerings to your potential client to increase sales. Many business owners think that they need to turn to high-cost, traditional advertising channels such as – newspapers, radio, television, or billboards.

With the introduction of new digital platforms, business owners can manage their advertisement at little or no cost. Here are a few tips that that would see business owner save money and promote on a shoestring budget:

Use social media
Key when opening up a business is to consider getting accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Consider what platforms your potential customer might be using when deciding which platforms to use. Social media is another way to ensure ease of communication between the business owner and customers. These platforms are also great ways to promote sales, share educational content, good things that are happening within the business etc.

If you need to help finding out which social media platform is best to use for your business, check out our other blog “Social Media – What Platform Do I Use for My Business?” 

Build a business website
A website should be the cornerstone of any business – it’s almost as important as having a phone number! A business owner should also consider developing their websites where customers can look for when they need to know more about the business and what they offer. Included on the website is information like: a list of products and services offered, customer ordering and payment platforms, ways to contact you and much more. From this, customers can get both the satisfaction and communication they need instantly.

Storing their customer’s contacts
Information about your customer can be as valuable as the purchase they could make. Creating a database with your customer’s email address will allow you to create an email list where you could inform them of sales or promotions. It also opens a channel of communication for your customer to interact with you as well.

Introduce company leaflets
Marketing materials are good take aways for a customer. These materials could contain the business information and products and services you offer indicating the prices on each. Take advantage of packing materials among the customer’s order or even placed at the front desk where the customer can pick from.

Use giveaways
This is not just like any other free giveaway it possesses some marketing quality. A company may decide at the beginning of every year to give away calendars, T-shirts and caps that bare its name and all they offer. This tactic could also be combined with social media to increase your following. It encourages customers to share your business with others.

Customer satisfaction
Ask for testimonials and stories from your existing customers. This is a powerful marketing tool because how business owners handle customers replicates what they will say about them to potential customers that they could refer. How to handle customers orders, package and deliver customers product says a lot.