Photo Shoots – What To Wear For Each Season

Preparing for photo shoots is always key – whether it is deciding if you need a hair cut, a new outfit or if you’re too “matchy matchy” with your family members! But one of the most challenging things that most people ask us is, what should I wear? will it clash with the outdoor scenery?

Well, we are going to talk about the best colours to wear for each of the seasons and few tips!

Winter Colours

Black & Grey, Lighter Browns & Beige, Blues

 Winter Tips

Avoid wearing whites because you will wash away against the snow.  Add accents colours that will stand out against the snow- like red or pastels.


Spring Colours

Navy & Blues, Coral & Pinks, Beige & Yellows as well as Light Greens & Teal

 Spring Tips

Wear bold and bright colours. Try to refrain from wearing hats


Summer Colours

White, Aqua & Baby Blue, Lime Green, Magenta & Coral, Yellow

 Summer Tips

Patterns & Plaid fit best during this season. Try to refrain from wearing hats.


Fall Colours

Light Browns, Orange & Light Reds, Grey & Black, White

 Fall Tips

Try to wear solid colours during this season. Scarves are a great accents.


These are just a few colour tips that are merely guidelines to get the best out of your photo session. With that being said don’t forget to be original and unique. Make sure that you are expressing YOU! Make sure to talk with your photographer before the session to ask any questions or any further tips for the time of year you have chosen.



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