Certainty Brands – Website

Certainty Brands provides high-quality surface cleaning wipes, sanitizing wipes, hand care hygiene products and dispensing solutions for just about any workplace. Certainty Brands is a Canadian brand distributed by a local company called Innocore. We were able to assist them in building an improved site that would be easily view on desktop and mobile devices […]

Blue Cow Delivery – Website

Small business has always been our passion. This project was no short of unique taking an ‘old school’ idea and making it into a functioning business in the 21 century.

Like the name says, Blue Cow Delivery is milk and other products delivered to your home like the olden days. This e-commerce site was designed allow individuals to select their products and then whether they would like it delivered it on a weekly, biweekly or one time basis.

Jennifer Markoff – Website

When you can work with new and unique individuals it is always a pleasure! When you find someone that puts a new spin on coaching, you can’t help but jump on board.

Jennifer Markoff is a life coach who specializes in helping teenagers understand that self-confidence is made in the mind. On any given day, we literally think tens of thousands of thoughts. If we’re not aware of our thought patterns, we can be weakened and even incapacitated by our own internal voice.

P’d Off Canadian – Branding

P’d Off Canadian is a opinion page (Facebook and YouTube) about current events and the problems of the world. This includes anything from the justice system to rights, government, politics, policy, incidents and society. Brian came to us with an idea in mind for the look and feel of what he wanted his logo to […]

TouchPoint™ Wipes – Website

touchpoint wipes

TouchPoint Wipes provides high-quality surface cleaning wipes, sanitizing wipes, hand care hygiene products and dispensing solutions for just about any workplace. TouchPoint™ is a US brand distribute by a local company called Innocore. This website is primarily viewed in the US and has products listed specifically for that market based on FDA approvals. We were […]

VanDruff Home Integration Brand

It’s great to meeting businesses from around the world. Even better when we can partner with another business to work together to produce results. We were excited to work with Paul Ryan Designs to help develop a new look for VanDruff Home Integration. They do integrations in home and businesses. Think, home automation, theatre, WIFI […]

Wolfhound Outfitters & Adventure Tours Website

Calling home base north of Woodstock, Ontario, Brian is ready to share his love for the outdoors with others. Brian will be leading a variety of tours and courses both in the areas as well as Algonquin Park. With his background, Brian hopes to guide individuals on different adventures as well as teach them new […]

Old St. Paul’s Church Website

Old St. Paul’s Anglican Church was seeking a new and modernized website to replace an existing site that was completed several years ago. We worked with members of the church to build a site that was informative for current member but would appeal to the younger generation to join the church in some capacity. By also […]

MSDO Conference Material

msdo conference material graphic design creative atmosphere

For over ten years, MSDO has been an evolving, not-for-profit volunteer run organization made up of municipalities across Canada. MSDO brings together senior service delivery professionals for networking, educational and professional development through channels such as webinars and an annual conference, and provides municipal representation in federal-provincial-territorial service delivery initiatives. The MSDO annual conference is held […]

North Shore Challenge for Camp Trillium Website

web design north shore challenge creative atmosphere

North Shore Challenge for Camp Trillium was established as an ongoing and annual fundraiser for Camp Trillium Rainbow Lake. The idea behind The North Shore Challenge for Camp Trillium was hatched by marathon swimmers Annaleise Carr and Josh Reid when they were training for Carr’s 2014 Lake Erie Crossing (she was previously the youngest person to […]