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The internet is a very busy place. SEO or Search Engine Optimization allows your brand to have the attention is deserves as a customer searches you online.  Like social media, search engines also change their algorithms so you have to keep up with the trends so you don’t lose your rank or position. Search engine visibility should also be a key part of your marketing strategy.

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We address SEO in several different components – SEO Audit, Content, On-Site and Page Optimizations. We’ve developed an audit framework that analyzes key components of your online presence. This audit allows us to develop a plan to improve your audit scores.

From there, we look at your content. If you don’t have content, it makes it more difficult for search engines to determine who you are and what you can provide to a potential customer. We take into account headers/page titles, image alt text and meta descriptions. One of the top reasons someone leaves a website is because of slow website speed or having to wait for the page to load. We look at each page, determine the culprits of what is causing the slow page and make technical optimizations.


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It can start now! Let’s jump on a call and I can give you an estimated timeline for your project! Typically projects can begin within 1 week after our first engagement and we get the nitty gritty paperwork out of the way. I only serve a limited number of clients at one time to ensure my clients receive the best quality work, so reserve your spot!

With each client we work to create outcomes for you that are both strategic and aligns with your long term and short term goals. We look at things big pictures. That means, your brand and your website aren’t just something pretty to look at it. They are founded on best practices we have established for actually growing your business. I bring my agency experience and background in marketing, along with a team of skilled partners to provide you with a truly complete brand experience.

On-page SEO refers to the elements we use to make  websites get the top ranking organically. It includes optimizing title tags, internal links, URLs, and content. 

This is best done as natural as possible. It is necessary to understand that SEO keywords should be incorporated into the content and not stuffed. You should place keywords in the most natural manner that maintains the best flow of your sentance. 

SEO is a key piece to digital marketing. When the audience searches for something in a search engine, the traffic increases for the marketing efforts such as your website. 

The best way to do it is by sourcing legit website link to your website too. Backlinks are also loved by search engines as it establishes trust.  Its best to keep in mind, quality links vs. the quantity of links you include on your site. Always remember to check your links frequently incase link structure changes. 

Absolutely. There is a few tools that we recommend to see your website’s performance. SEOptimer is a great tool to see the overall performance of your site with actionable changes you can make. GTmetrix will give you the speed and vital performance of your site as well as steps to improve – this becomes a little more difficult if you aren’t versed with code. 

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Each business and website is unique when it comes to SEO. With that being said, we will do several audits of your website that helpful us create a tangible action plan on how we can improve your SEO. 

I create custom packages in order to complete the action plan to improve ranking.