the promoting of a product or service by identifying it with a particular brand

Branding is an art. Unique brands help define your meaning with your target audience and stay miles ahead of your competition. Creating a great brand is much more than just a logo -- we have a proven process to help bring your vision to life. We recognize branding as the art that it is. A unique brand can differentiate you within your target market, and help you stay miles ahead of your competition. Creating a great brand encompasses much more than just a logo and we’ll guide you through the process, if you don't have one already, to help bring your vision to life.

We can create beautiful, clear, functional graphics for all of your print and digital design needs. From large format and stationery to logo design and event materials to branded swag -- no challenge is too large. We are always up for a challenge! 



Establishing your brand is the biggest piece of the puzzle. How do you want to define yourself, to be interpreted and perceived by a potential customer? Is your business fun and quirky OR is it more conservative and professional? These are just a few questions to ask yourself and what we dive into during any branding discovery session we do with a client.


Logo Design

Once we've established what your brand is, we can discover what it looks like visually. What fonts, colours and design elements fit best with what your brand is trying to convey. This is where your branding signature comes to life with a custom logo that captures the persona of your business. We dive into colour palletes, readabilty and even how functional it will be on different mediums.



Graphic Design

This is where all your hard work shines. We've got your brand, your persona, your colours, fonts and your logo this is where this all comes together. Graphic design brings together all these pieces as they build what your customer sees. This could include: business cards, flyers, promotional pieces, and components to your website.

Have a design project that is more involved?

We'd be happy to help and excited to hear about it! We've completed a variety of stand-alone design projects for businesses. Some examples of these have included:

  • Customized and Branded PowerPoint Presentations
  • Conference Material and Annual Reports
  • E-books and Guides
  • Vehicle Graphics & Wraps
  • Large scale graphics such as banners and posters
  • And more...


Case Studies

MSDO Conference Material

For over ten years, MSDO has been an evolving, not-for-profit volunteer run organization made up ...

MSDO Annual Report

For over ten years, MSDO has been an evolving, not-for-profit volunteer run organization made up ...

LJP Legal Services

In some industries, you can’t go completely wild with a logo and brand concept. Law is one of the...

Your Oxford Branding

Jerry and Sarah Acchione felt that Oxford County needed a community oriented TV show. With no big...

Buyer & Seller Guides

Local realtor, Brenda Kearley has taken a full jump into the world of online marketing and lead g...

Album Design and Poster

T.W. Hutchinson’s concept album about Sir Sandford Fleming, the 19th-century Scottish-born rail...

The Credit Chef Branding

The Credit Chef is a new start up business in Nevada. This logo was a very unique project. Althou...

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