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Whether you need a consumer profile or a full marketing campaign built — we’re here to help!

We need to find your message and how to get in front of the right people.  Whether you need a consumer profile to know who your customer is or a full-scale marketing campaign, we are ready to learn about you and your business. 

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We will research your market and together, we’ll craft the perfect strategy to help you grow! We’ll help you connect with your key audience in the right way. First, we’ll thoroughly research your market – quantify and qualify your audience. The next stage, we’ll work with you to craft the perfect strategy or message to increase your traffic.  

Components of a strategy

Where to Start?

The marketing world today is as fast and fierce as it every has been. When building a marketing strategy, any of the following components can be used interdependently or together brilliantly to bring you sales, grow your brand and increase engagement. 

It can be overwhelming but any marketing strategy should be broken down into 10 manageable steps for better success!

Whether you’ve started your business or you’re established, doing research is important for all your products or services. Collect data that could include customer demographics, benchmarks for the industry, suppliers, market dynamics etc. 

Think of who will purchase your product or service… if your answer is everyone, it’s not the ideal answer. Find a niche or target market specific for your business.

What is your product or service? How does it fit in the current market? Does market currently use it or need it? Why do they need it? If you’re in competition with another business, why do they need to chose you over the competition? 

Who is your competition? What makes you different from them? What is your unique selling proposition?

When you are making your mission statement think about who you’re selling to, what you’re selling and again that unique selling proposition.

Here’s the fun and creative part! What methods are you going to use to market your product or service to your target market or niche? They could include: networking, direct marketing, advertising, trade shows etc.

The section is the hardest for most people. Take all the information you’ve created so far and use that to determine the strategies for pricing your product or service, where your target market will purchase it and how you are going to generate the buzz to create your first sale.

A very key part is setting a budget. What strategies can you afford? What are you able to do yourself? What pieces of the strategies to your need to outsource to an expert.

No strategy or plan is complete without setting some quantifiable goals – can you put a number on. This could include sales goals, profits, satisfaction. Always set short term and long term goals. 

Used done all the heavy lifting, now implement your plan. What is key here is to test and analyze the results you receive to see what strategies are most effective. Don’t be afraid to omit a strategy if it isn’t working. 

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