photography & videography

the practice or art of recording images with a camera

Photo and video is ultimate way to tell your story and bring your story and offerings to life. Great videos can create meaningful and emotional reactions that help you get more of what you’re looking for. Photo and video have been proven to dramatically increase conversions and credibility to new audiences.

Video is quite simply the most powerful weapon in your arsenal especially when it comes to capturing someone's attention as they are scrolling through their busy social media timelines. With strategic messaging, there is a lot you can do with photo or video that can create an emotional response with immediacy and bolstering your credibility.

Integrate Photography and Videography into Your Strategy.



Whether you need professional images of your staff or products, make sure they are high quality and thought provoking to your audience. It's important to use quality images, whether it is be online or in print, to convey your professionalism and the best of your product, service or even those that make your business run. 



Interacting with your prospect and client can be done very easily with video. It can be a polished video or Facebook live, either can be used to convey your 'why'. You could use testimonials to convey why a prospect should choose you, a promotional video to explain what you do, or even product demos.


Case Studies

Record Promotion Video

As a way to rekindle the hype from his 2009 record release, we worked alongside Dave and his vide...

Concert Promotion Video

Each year, Dave Pomfret hosts an intimate concert to recognize another milestone year of sobriety...

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