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a group of World Wide Web pages usually containing hyperlinks to each other and made available online by an individual, company, educational institution, government, or organization. 

Today's brands have found success by creating an online presence that can control the message 24/7. Your website is your ecosystem, your home base or storefront on the internet. You can use your website to be your #1 sales tool as it's available 24/7, 365 days a year even if you and your team are not working. It connects your CRM, media, content and insights with your customer or prospect.

We build your online presence from the ground up with professional, unique web design services that align with your advertising strategies. Creative Atmosphere's mission is to provide the very best in website design for our clients that provide them the results they need.

How Your Website Will Be Built

A typical web design project takes a minimum or 5-6 weeks to complete depending on the complexity. We pride ourselves on building you a custom website that even you can make changes a later date if you choose. We build your website with WordPress to give us the freedom to customize to suit you and it makes Google happy too.

We would also be happy to write content for your new website, as well as optimize it (SEO) for search engines to help your new website get found but we give you the freedom to tell your own story too.

web design

Structure & Frame

Like any major investment, we need to do our research and planning. Through a discovery session, we learn about your business, goals and your brand. Once we learn about your business, we work with you to carefully plan out the website's content, pages and layout to ensure your web design helps you achieve your business goals and gets you the customers you want.


Concept & Layout

Now that we have a structure to your website, we can begin to create the visual feel that aligns with your brand that will appeal to your target. At this stage, we take a deep dive into your competition and what design elements you need to set yourself apart from your competitors.


Test & Launch

This is our favourite part. Testing and getting your site ready for launch. This usually includes the preparation and rendering of the concept into your custom WordPress website. Not only will it look flawless on a desktop but on all major mobile devices and browsers.  

Website Design vs. Web Development

Design. Development. They're the same thing aren't they? Right? Wrong!

Web Development

Website Development is the practical side: the framework behind the design, the skeleton of codes & scripts that make your website perform and function.  

Web Design

Website design is the creative side. The look, the message, the brand identity you want to convey to your customers through your online presence. It's the style and feel!  


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