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Small Business Profile: Jimbere Coaching & Consulting

We will be featuring small businesses with big dreams and aspirations to help others – in different ways.

As we network throughout the community, we find so many interesting and knowledgeable individuals that are on a mission to help their client. Jennifer Jimbere is a business coach that assist business owners with proven, action oriented, research based applications in the areas of coaching, change management and the science of well-being.

We have been fortunate enough to work with Jennifer as mentors at the Small Business Centre but also at one of her other business, Thrive Experts.

Find out how she started her business, Jimbere Coaching and Consulting in this month’s Small Business Profile.

Background about your business – what you do, what you provide, how long you have been in business

Jimbere Coaching and Consulting provides business & leadership coaching, change management and science of well-being consultation as well as workshops. I have been in business for 7.5 years and I now actively operate 3 business’ all with the aim of helping others maximize their personal and professional performance.

Your business background – Does it run in the family? Education? History?

My business started on the side when I was Nationally responsible for the Professional Development of an Investment Firm.  I am a curious, never-ending learner who has completed 13 degrees and certificates and counting.  I am a Certified Professional & Executive Coach, Change Management Professional, Positive Psychology Advocate and more.  September 2015, belief in myself and bold moves met and I launched the business full time and have not looked back.

What advice would you suggest to aspiring business owners?

Go all in.
Ensure that you know you can do it and set yourself up for success. Build a professional website, have all of the pieces in place before you show up in your space.

Where do you see your business in 5 years, 10 years?

I see my global business being mobile.

What has been your most successful marketing tactic?

When I say go all in, that is what I did.  I went live with a professional site, I bought the top spot for Ontario for Business Coach on a few platforms and I leverage LinkedIn for business.  LinkedIn is the #1 networking, marketing and sales tool for small business and it is where I begin most of my new client conversations.

Who inspired you to go into business and why?

My husband.  He always saw me working incredibly hard for the Corporations I was employed by and wondered why I didn’t do the same for myself.  When I had the opportunity to launch off full time, we made some decisions and I went for it. I knew what it took to build successful business’. Before going into business for self, I had completed more than 400 business plans with others and coached more than 1000 individuals and teams to success.

If you want to take advantage of Jennifer’s vast and in depth knowledge, reach out to her to find out she can help you and your business.

Please visit www.jimberecoachingandconsulting.com
Or call 519-539-5522
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