Social Media – What Platform Do I Use For My Business?

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, there is no denying there is tons of options when it comes to social media platforms. In today’s world if you’re business isn’t online, you are missing out on being seen by your potential customer. A website is a good start but don’t forget social media.

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, there is no denying there is tons of options when it comes to social media platforms. In today’s world if you’re business isn’t online, you are missing out on being seen by your potential customer. A website is a good start but don’t forget social media.

You can’t forget to be active on social media. It has been proven that when a potential customer is doing their research, they will not only look to your business’s website but also your social media channels for information, reviews and feedback.

As a business owner, the real challenge is to know what social media platform to use and to create a strategy that is tailored perfectly for the platform and your target market. The big questions are which platform do you use? Who are you trying to target? Which one is the best?


Facebook is probably one of the largest social platforms. Facebook is one of few platforms that’s demographic are so wide spread. It has a even composition of male and female with user between the ages of 13 and up. As a business you can do just about anything – share photos, create events, post links or blogs or even to do live videos.

  • Ability to reach a broad demographic on one platform
  • Wide variety of post types you can create
  • Boost posts and content for great reach
  • The cost of promote posts and page can be expensive
  • Time consuming to build a page and strategy for content to keep your page active



Use 140 characters to create short and meaningful messages. Twitter is a great way to interact with your costumers and neighboring business directly. Whether you are the owner of the business, a sales representative or a business you can have a Twitter profile to interact your costumers. Sometimes, businesses will have both a business profile and representative profiles to gain further reach.

  • Use simple #hashtags to be reached by more people. If you use a specific hashtag, people are able to search for it and if you have engaging contain, they will follow you.
  • Twitter is a great source of news that you can share with your customers or you can learn from to improve your business.
  • Allows you talk to your customers in real time.
  • Has a great analytics tools in order to make improvements to your content and profile.
  • The character limit for a tweet is a limitation if you have a longer message to share with your customers.
  • Those that are successful on Twitter will tweet multiple time in a day which can be time consuming to create and post content. Unless you are active there is probably a lower return on investment
  • Target messaging is difficult



If you want a platform to interact with business owners and professionals directly, LinkedIn is a great choice. This is a great way to network, share company details, blogs, job postings etc. LinkedIn is primarily for building relationships and potential leads through conversation – not for promoting or selling what you do.

  • Let’s you network directly businesses and individuals in your industry as well as those they might directly need your product or service.
  • If you are looking to expand your team or find new business opportunities, you look through a variety of connections.
  • Must keep your profile and content up to date.
  • Unlike Facebook’s personal pages, your profile on LinkedIn is public so everyone can see your profile and its content.
  • Active posting is key to building a reputation among your networking but can be time consuming.



Instagram is one of the newest and growing social platforms. Instagram is a very visual platform allowing you to snap and post photos and short videos. Instagram is common for those selling a product oppose to a service. It’s common in the food, fashion and a lifestyle products.

  • #Hashtags are also very key on this platform as well. It allows you to be seen by those that are searching for something specific or they have an interest in. Potential customers will then follow you based on the content you are producing.
  • Integrates with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Captions need to be kept short so customers are discouraged – images will sell what you are promoting.



The largest video sharing platform on the internet. YouTube is a very common tool if you wish to include videos on your website through an embed code. Within the YouTube platform, you can purchase advertising to appear before selected videos.

  • Videos posted on YouTube will also come up in a Google search because of SEO making it easy for a consumer to see your video and also your website if it’s set up properly.
  • YouTube is perfect for sharing your knowledge – how to videos, tutorials etc.
  • Following a video or in the related videos section when you view a video, there is potential that your competition might appear and potential turn people away from your profile.

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