Summer Marketing Tips

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School’s out for summer and that means vacations throughout summer months. Once June rolls around, many business owners take a cue from school kids and decide that all the serious work is done until September. They’re technically “open” over the summer, but they drop their effort towards a lot of marketing efforts because they feel it’s ineffective. But summer is a fantastic time for cultivating business opportunities. But like warm weather and fresh fruit, summer offers seasonal possibilities that are too good to pass up.

Here are some helpful summer marketing tips to keep your efforts on track:

Prospects have more time to connect 

During the summer, the people you have been trying to reach all year may see a seasonal slow-down. They will probably adapt with a little more laid-back, casual pace themselves. It makes it a perfect time to catch them for a short phone conversation or even a meeting over coffee that they were too busy for earlier in the year to have.

Summer slow-downs leave more time to educate

What a better time to learn and make advancements in skills. If the target audience for your newsletter, blog and social media posts experience a little slower pace during the summer, they may be read and learn more. Instead of taking a break from communicating with your customer, keep it up and make sure it’s something that will get them excited!

Summer is the halfway point in the year

The halfway point of the year is a good time to check in with your current and prospective clients to see if their revenues or goal-achievement is on schedule. If not and if you can help get them back on track, you’ve got an opportunity to pitch yourself with built-in urgency for them to hire you!

Budget season is coming

It’s not uncommon for businesses look at their targets so see how they line up with budgets. Many companies prepare their new year budget beginning in October. If prospects have been stalling with a go-ahead “because it’s not in the budget,” now is a great time to update your proposal and re-submit it, with a cover letter that helpfully notes the fresh figures for their new budget cycle and set up another meeting.

Slow periods are great times to work on your business

If client work really does slow down for you, seize the opportunity to tackle your own improvement projects. Update your website, blog more frequently, spruce up your marketing materials, write articles to submit to industry publications, spiff up your speeches, and dust off your business plan to check on your progress.

You can enjoy the summer and make headway on your business goals by keeping these tips in mind. Not only will your summer marketing soar, but you’ll find that come September, you are still top of mind with prospects who are ready to buy!