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5 Graphic Design Tools for DIYers

In Branding & Graphics by Kristen Jerry

We get asked a lot, what resources are out there for those that can’t pay for a graphic designer but still create an image for their business? Well, we’ve compiled a list of 5 great tools for designing graphics within your business. All have different features and benefits to help your business grow visually. Explore all of them to find …

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What is Branding? & Why is it Important?

In Branding & Graphics, Marketing Strategy by Kristen Jerry

Branding… a word that looks small but definitely has a big meaning – especially for businesses. Now, we see this time and time again… business owners getting branding confused with just whipping up a logo. A logo isn’t branding – it’s a component of what makes up branding. Small business owners know that it is the small touches which have …