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5 Graphic Design Tools for DIYers

In Branding & Graphics by Kristen Jerry

We get asked a lot, what resources are out there for those that can’t pay for a graphic designer but still create an image for their business? Well, we’ve compiled a list of 5 great tools for designing graphics within your business. All have different features and benefits to help your business grow visually. Explore all of them to find …

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Email Marketing & Your Business

In Marketing Strategy by Kristen Jerry

Technology is always changing and so is the way we reach customers. We have social media, instant messaging, funnels, traditional outside sales opportunities but we often forget email marketing as a strategy to include in our business and marketing plans. No… it doesn’t mean just opening up your inbox and sending an email to a client. In this blog, we …

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What is Branding? & Why is it Important?

In Branding & Graphics, Marketing Strategy by Kristen Jerry

Branding… a word that looks small but definitely has a big meaning – especially for businesses. Now, we see this time and time again… business owners getting branding confused with just whipping up a logo. A logo isn’t branding – it’s a component of what makes up branding. Small business owners know that it is the small touches which have …