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Ways To Engage – Part 2

So you’ve set up your social media channels but now you have to engage your audience in order to convert them from ‘likes’ and ‘leads’ to customers to help your bottom line. In this three-part blog series we will be chatting at how to increase your engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with some simple and effective tips.

Now to clarify, we will be talking about engagement – although these will help with reach as well. Be sure to know the difference between reach and engagement. Not sure the difference? Check out our blog that talks about the differences – Reach vs. Engagement.

Also, make sure to visit Ways to Engage – Part 1 for more tips!

Frequency Of Your Posts

The burning question is always, “how often should I be posting on my business page?”. There have studies upon studies done about the optimal amount but this is all circumstantial. So here are a few things to consider: how much time can you commit to making and posting content? Does your audience need weekly posts, daily posts or multiple posts a day to remember you? The other factor is the social platforms you are using – you can post more frequently on Twitter than you could on Facebook and LinkedIn for example. Explore with your content to see what gets you the most engagement – as a rule the more you do post, the more organic reach you are going to receive.

Re-share A Really Successful Post

If you shared a post a couple of month ago and it just took off – there is nothing wrong with re-sharing it. Find that great post, hit share and rephrase or create a unique message to build the engagement on that post. It’s also a great way to introduce your content to some of your new followers if they joined after your initial share.

Engagement With Hashtags

Hashtags have really taken off in the past few years and definitely have their advantages. If your business uses Twitter or Instagram – you can’t be without hashtags. By using hashtags, you are reaching a different audience that is actively wanting to learn more about something. For example: you could include #woodstockontario to engage with people who are in Woodstock or search by #woodstockontario. This opens up your engagement and allow you to be discovered by others. Facebook also uses hashtags but it’s not as effective as Twitter and Instagram.

Increased Click Throughs With Images, Memes Or GIF’s

Images are very effective in getting people’s attention when they are scrolling through their busy newsfeeds no matter the social platform. When you include an image in your posts you can increase your CTR by up to 18% because it catches attention. Memes and GIFs can be funny and a little cheesy, but evidence has shown to increase click throughs by 167%. Is it wise to use memes and GIFs all the time – absolutely not because you need to keep up the professional position you’ve created – but fun every once in a while, is ok.

Keep Your Posts Clean

It’s really easy to get excited about what you provide your clients so we want to give them all the information at once. This sometimes leads to creating posts that can have 2, 3, 4 or 5 links to different parts of your website. Don’t do that! Don’t include more than 1 link in a post – keep it simple and direct them to the content you want them to view right now. Save some of those links for other posts or include them on the website or landing page.



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