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Ways To Engage – Part 3

So you’ve set up your social media channels but now you have to engage your audience in order to convert them from ‘likes’ and ‘leads’ to customers to help your bottom line. In this three-part blog series we will be chatting at how to increase your engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with some simple and effective tips.

Now to clarify, we will be talking about engagement – although these will help with reach as well. Be sure to know the difference between reach and engagement. Not sure the difference? Check out our blog that talks about the differences – Reach vs. Engagement.

Also, make sure to visit Ways to Engage – Part 1 and Ways to Engage – Part 2 for more tips!

Build Your Community

If Facebook is your most engaging platform, use it to your advantage. You can now create a “Community” that is linked to your Business Page. Depending on how you structure your group, you can make it exclusive your clients or include your clients and potential clients. An example of a group for a marketing agency might be a resource for their clients – provide them with tips and tricks, allow them to network with other business owners, request support or ask for feedback.

Test & Analyze

Each social media platform has some degree of analytics in them. If you want to know what posts and types are most successful, make sure to checking each platform on a regular basis. Complete a social media audit of yourself to take the necessary steps to grow your social media following. If you want your analytics all in one place – consider using Cyfe which allows you to look at all your analytics in one place.

Existing Groups

If your business takes you on Facebook at different portions of the day, consider joining Facebook groups that align with your business. For example, these could be business owner’s groups, millennial entrepreneurs, or there are even industry specific groups as well. Chat with other like-minded business owners, share your blogs and content and most of these groups have promotion days where you can promote your pages.

Everyone Likes Winning

Use one of your products or services as a contest or giveaway. By doing a contest or a giveaway, you can encourage people to not only ‘like’ your page but also share it with their network of friends to increase their chances of winning and at the same time increasing your engagement and your brand awareness.

Be Quick!

Make sure you start a dialogue with those that visit your social media accounts. Whether they send you a direct message or comment on your posts, make sure you address them as quickly as possible. If they don’t hear from you in a timely fashion, they might think that you don’t exist, or you aren’t in business. Make sure you stay active – whether it’s positive or negative – be sure to address you audience!



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