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Slow website? If it’s slow, there really isn’t any point to having a website. Now what is slow – the current benchmark is if your site  isn’t loading under 3 seconds, then you are losing customers!

sound familiar?

Let's Make Your Website Blazing - Keep the attention of your followers

Let’s give your customers the best experience possible when they visit your website. There are a couple of factors that play a role in optimization that we take in to consideration – sometimes these are unique for every site.

Hosting, caching, and internal optimization can all play a factor. For every website that we build and launch, we have a full list of steps during the launch process that we use to make sure it’s blazing out of the gate. 

What about existing websites? Yes, of course we can optimize existing WordPress websites but it takes a little more tweaking and testing to complete the optimization. We’ll do an existing performance test that will allow us to see where we need to improve your site but also the ability to show you were your site is after our tweaks. 

If it isn’t loading in under 3 seconds, you are losing customers, which means you are leaving money on the table. Reach out to us to find out how we can optimize your website. 


frequently asked questions

It can start now! Let’s jump on a call and I can give you an estimated timeline for your project! Typically projects can begin within 1 week after our first engagement and we get the nitty gritty paperwork out of the way. I only serve a limited number of clients at one time to ensure my clients receive the best quality work, so reserve your spot!

With each client we work to create outcomes for you that are both strategic and aligns with your long term and short term goals. We look at things big pictures. That means, your brand and your website aren’t just something pretty to look at it. They are founded on best practices we have established for actually growing your business. I bring my agency experience and background in marketing, along with a team of skilled partners to provide you with a truly complete brand experience.

There is many websites you can use to check your website’s performance. One of our favourites is GTmetrix

At this time, we aren’t able to optimize websites that aren’t built on WordPress. We might consider it in the future though. 

One of our favourite questions. Hosting can be shared or dedicated.

With shared hosting, your website lives with other websites on the server and shares resources.  For example, if you are on the same server as Apple, Apple may see 100k visitors at any given time. Your site might only see 10k. Because Apple sees more, they will get more resources to service their customers before you.
Dedicated means that your website is the only website on the server and you have full access to resources.  
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website optimization

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