Upper Thames Brewing Company



Upper Thames Brewing Company
Brickhouse Brewpub


Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Changing Times, Changing Buying Habits

The team at Upper Thames Brewery approached us during the COVID-19 pandemic with the objective of revitalizing their online presence through the support of the Digital Mainstreet Grant. They were aware of the need to expand into the e-commerce market to compete with neighboring breweries, but the outbreak of the coronavirus unexpectedly propelled them into a fully online sales environment.

About Upper Thames Brewing Company

Upper Thames Brewing Company is Oxford County’s first and only small batch, craft brewery, located in the heart of Woodstock. We produce high quality Ontario craft beer with local in mind. They source ingredients as close to home as possible and collaborate with other locally operated businesses whenever there is an opportunity. They also run a brewpub called Brickhouse in the north end of Woodstock, featuring not only their own beer but other local small breweries. 

Buy Your Beer, Have It Delivered.

Creative Atmosphere designed a new website for Upper Thames Brewing Company that showcases the brewery’s quirky beer can personalities. The website features comprehensive beer profiles for each beer and seltzer, detailing the hops used and offering the option to purchase online for those 19 and over. The site also includes the ability to buy brewery merchandise, with discounts based on the number of cans or total purchase amount.

For product delivery, the website offers three options: curbside pickup, local delivery, and shipping. The local delivery option is only available to customers within a specified radius of the brewery in Oxford County and the system automatically chooses the best delivery method based on the customer’s address.

The Brickhouse Brewpub, the brewery’s restaurant, is also prominently featured on the website with its current menu and on-tap offerings. This was especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic when curbside pickup was the only way to support small restaurants, and remains one of the site’s most frequently visited pages to this day.

Drake Merritt January 27, 2022

Kristen at Creative Atmosphere helped us launch a brand-new overhauled website for our brewery. Her work is very high quality and the finished product looks fantastic. She was very professional and responsive.

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