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We're more than a marketing studio.

We are certainly digital-focused, but it’s not just about utilizing multiple devices for marketing. It’s about creating direct and personal connections with your customers. With digital tools, you can collect data, evaluate performance, make improvements, learn from your customers, and interact with them in new ways. However, it’s important to remember that having the technology is not enough; it’s how you use it that ultimately determines the level of success. 

Your brand is our #1 focus.

By leveraging emotional branding techniques, utilizing data-driven insights, and employing cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals, we are able to develop integrated communication strategies and projects that exceed expectations. 

Kristen Jerry

Founder + Creator

Kristen oversees the design, development and final release of all Creative Atmosphere projects.

Jessica Thornton

Graphic Designer

Jessica takes ideas that are on paper turns them into beautiful brands and eye catching designs. 

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