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Facebook Pixel – What You Need to Know

In Social Media & Digital Marketing by Kristen

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms with 2.2 billion users actively using the platform and that continues to grow with each quarter. If your business actively uses Facebook ads, are you tracking the analytics from that ad. Yes, Facebook has it’s own analytics but a Facebook Pixel takes it one step further. What is Facebook Pixel? Facebook …

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Email Marketing & Your Business

In Marketing Strategy by Kristen

Technology is always changing and so is the way we reach customers. We have social media, instant messaging, funnels, traditional outside sales opportunities but we often forget email marketing as a strategy to include in our business and marketing plans. No… it doesn’t mean just opening up your inbox and sending an email to a client. In this blog, we …

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What is Branding? & Why is it Important?

In Branding & Graphics, Marketing Strategy by Kristen

Branding… a word that looks small but definitely has a big meaning – especially for businesses. Now, we see this time and time again… business owners getting branding confused with just whipping up a logo. A logo isn’t branding – it’s a component of what makes up branding. Small business owners know that it is the small touches which have …