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Website Hosting & Care Plans

Our comprehensive WordPress website hosting and management services empower you to concentrate on expanding your business. We ensure the ongoing vitality of your website, hosting it securely, and safeguarding both your business and brand integrity.

WordPress Website Hosting & Care Plans

Private & Fast Hosting

Private and fast website hosting is essential for a secure and efficient online presence. By prioritizing privacy, your data remains protected, while the emphasis on speed ensures quick loading times for an enhanced user experience. This combination fortifies the security of your online assets and contributes to overall website performance.

Performance & Backups

Website performance and robust backups are essential for a thriving online presence. A well-optimized site with fast loading times enhances the user experience, while reliable backups provide a safety net for preserving and restoring valuable data in case of issues. This combination ensures a resilient and user-friendly website, instilling confidence in both site owners and visitors.

Weekly Updates & Patches

Regular weekly updates for WordPress are essential for maintaining website security and functionality. These updates, including patches, enhance features, fix vulnerabilities, and optimize performance, ensuring a secure and smooth user experience.

Dedicated Support

You're never alone. Dedicated website support offers personalized assistance, ensuring prompt and efficient resolution of your online needs. Support tickets streamline communication, allowing for specific queries to be addressed promptly and providing a reliable system for resolving issues.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Many website owners are unaware of their site's continuous uptime status. A brief period of downtime can lead to missed business opportunities. In the event of your site experiencing downtime, we receive instant notifications.

24/7 Security

With a robust Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS protection, your site is shielded from potential threats. With a security-focused hosting platform ensures the protection of your valuable data and online assets, prioritizing the integrity and safety of your WordPress website.

Website Hosting & Care Plan Price

Website Hosting & Care Plan Support

Enhance your conversion rates, elevate your SEO rankings, and optimize user experiences with a seamless transition to Creative Atmosphere.

Frequently asked questions

Common questions you might have.

I have my site with another provider, will you migrate my site?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to migrate your WordPress from your current hosting provider.

Can I still make changes to my website on my own if I'm on a hosting or care plan?

Yes, of course! No matter which plan or care plan you are on, you will have full access to your website at all times. Some clients are more hesitant jumping in to their website’s dashboard than others.

Are emails included in the hosting packages?

Currently, our hosting packages do not come with email accounts included. We highly recommend setting up your emails off your website server with a service like Google Workspace. If you’d like assistance setting up your workplace, please let us know.

What if I'm not on a plan and my site gets hacked?

We can take care of getting the site cleaned for a cleanup fee of $250. You will then have the option to immediately get your site on a care plan to make sure it is protected from hacks.

Hosting from providers like GoDaddy seem a little cheaper. What's the difference?

Very good point! Yes, we are a little bit more than providers such as GoDaddy – but we will tell you why. We watch and maintain every website we host. Not only do our rates include the server space but we will also actively monitor the uptime of your site, we include our security suite and update the plugins and core when safe to do so. Most provider will not do this for you.

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