Common Myths About Graphic Design

Graphic design and building your brand is key for any business in today.  If you are planning to work with a graphic designer at any point in your business, be prepared for a lot of questions, discovery of your brand but allow the designer the freedom to develop something that will impress you and your target audience. This blog, we dive into the common myths about graphic design.

We have hear many times that ‘I can use canva to make that’ or ‘I can design it myself cheaper’. Yes, there are a few myths about graphic design that we see all the time. Some forget that there are reasons to invest in a graphic designer to produce your brand and any outward facing marketing material.

Here are a few common myths about graphic design:

Anyone can be a graphic designer.

Yes, there is sites like Canva that allow you to design your own items OR if you stumble upon Adobe’s Creative Suite, you can take your designs to the next level. You can watch a few YouTube videos to only scratch the surface of what the suite’s programs can do. Comparably, it’s how owning a drill or hammer doesn’t make you a handyman. Consider the knowledge or training that a designer spends in order to make you some kick butt designs. There are courses that designers go through in just typography, production and conceptional designs.

The Client knows all.

As the client, you know your company and target market better than anyone else, where you may fall short is communicating your message to your target market. Always consider your project a collaboration between the designer and the client, with the designer listening to your needs and then providing the best solution.

It’s just making something look good.

It’s not uncommon for us to hear that they think that a graphic designer just makes things look pretty. It’s not as simple as add some colour and add a small graphics and you are off to the races. But there is in fact some research and strategy behind it. Each project encompasses looking at your competitors, what your target is drawn to then creating some preliminary concepts that would best attract that target market.

Don’t spend money on graphic design

This is probably the worse myth out there! Graphic design is the visual ways of communicating to your target market. It is the biggest piece of how your brand is perceived. If you spend $5 on a logo, you are more or less going to get what you pay for. This could mean that potentially your logo has not been researched for your industry or target market. Your messaging and brand is what will differentiate you from another. This is why you should invest in this portion of your business.

It’s easy!

As the results may come to the client fairly quickly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the graphic designer made it in just a few minutes. Designers spend countless hours doing research and concepts that are created even before you see proofs. For many designers, it can be easy to draw but it took many years to hone in on the skills required to create wonderful results for clients.

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