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7 Reasons Why You Need Professional Photography

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We’ve all heard the term “A picture can say a million words”. We use professional photography or photographers to capture life’s precious moments such as families, special events, such as weddings. We trust the professional to take the best quality pictures, with the right angle, and the best lighting so we can enjoy looking at them for decades to come.

Commonly, we see more photographers to take personal moments but photography is also very important for business. Corporate photographers can do just about anything around your business – interior or exterior shots of your building, headshots of your staff, product photography etc. The options are almost endless and change depending on the industry you are in.

So why is it important to use a professional photography for business?

1. Save Time

Professional photographers are trained to take pictures through a different lens than amateur photographers. The main benefit is they are able to take pictures, edit them, and have them ready to be posted on your website or social media so they will be ready to go in a quicker turn around time. Optimized for your every use!

2. Professional Vs. Non-Professional Photography

With high class camera phones every one can take pictures. We might even think they are fantastic and go ahead and post them. There was a study done on a product for sale using professional vs. non professional photos for business. The professional photos received around 130% more website meaning there was that much more interest in the product. Sometimes mobile devices aren’t the answer. But don’t take that the wrong way – YES there is still an application for a quick snap from your mobile phone!

3. Candid Photo’s

When it comes to running a business the small things often get left to the last moment. The benefit is that a photographer can capture stills and staged photo’s but will also be able to capture natural moments, behind the scenes an candids. Sometimes these get the most attention because your fans can see the behind the scenes of your business.

4. Sharing

When we see a beautiful picture online we often stop to look at it, or click the link and scroll. Having professional photos will make it easier for you to share and your friend’sshare your post and pictures as well. Making it easier for people to see, and buy!

5. Save Money

Of course having professional photos taken for your business will cost you something upfront. Some waver away from this due to funding. Imagine having a library of professional photos you can use over time and years to come. A photographer can take multiple pictures and you can save them until you are ready to use them instead of hiring one each time you need something. Be sure to do a little planning with your photographer to get the best bang for your buck and the most out of your potential session.

6. Story Telling

Let a professional tell your story through their view. We express ourselves in different ways. The photos you will use for your business will tell a story of what you are promoting, selling or offering.

7. Marketing

Marketing isn’t just about marketing your business. You are also marketing yourself. It is hard to look like the top of the food chain when you just start a business. You compete with other companies in the same field, who have been doing it for years and already have clients or followers. Having professional photos taken will market you the way you want to be seen. 9
times out of 10 a professional photo will sell more product than a non-professional one. Now imagine that for your business – who wouldn’t want to sell more!

There are so many benefits to hiring a professional photographer for your business. If your goal is to gain more exposure, sell more, have more website clicks etc, we would add
getting professional photos done to the top of your list, as they will aid in getting you where you want to go.

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