How To Delete A Widget

There are two easy ways to delete a widget from an Elementor column. In this example, we’ll first delete the widget from the Navigator. Then, we’ll use History to undo our deletion. Finally, we’ll delete the widget again from the Edit Widget handle.

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Delete A Widget From The Navigator #

  1. Click the Navigator icon wPXIIgzzdDTuppOnejC0AAJO6H0moHSSOMkIr5Bj16tyopJoqTRs60vq p3fnEHDrxXLat7JUG344x4ZT32 01ESQP7uu7iVmnqQWw7shV19x3E A5q5mQfreJuDvGscafVNwWQj to open the Navigator.
  2. Find and select the widget element you wish to delete.
  3. Right-click the element and choose Delete from the drop-down selections.

Delete A Widget From The Widget’s Handle #

  1. Right-click the widget’s Edit Widget handle. x7BI5EZhwskxGW7IcHCqjLoInVI4p5 kuFo8R8a8A62EYMJ1aCo9PVIVh0Qdyy2nKrzY0eZ9DxWGrhITCy9gsBTu97ytLu06c EGkocartC2bzguqX ZarwyUleQ6T8wnaaOhKtJ
  2. Choose Delete from the drop-down selections.
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