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Cart Abandonment Shortcodes

We have listed down all the Email Fields with shortcodes, which can be used to add or remove required fields in the Emails –

Sr.NoFirst NameShortcodeDescription
1Admin Firstname{{admin.firstname}}It displays the name of the shop owner or an administrator.
2Admin Company{{admin.company}}It displays the name of the shop or company.
3Abandoned Product Details Table{{cart.product.table}}It displays the details of products that were abanded with Product name, Product image, Quantity, Price and Line subtotal in table format.
4Abandoned Product Names{{cart.product.names}}It displays only product names that were abandoned.
5Cart Checkout URL{{cart.checkout_url}}It is the URL that redirects to the checkout page.
6Coupon Code{{cart.coupon_code}}It is the coupon code that can be used on the checkout page for the discount.
7Customer First Name{{customer.firstname}}It displays the First name of the Customer.
8Customer Last Name{{customer.lastname}}It displays the Last name of the Customer.
9Customer Full Name{{customer.fullname}}It displays the Full name of the Customer.
10Cart Abandonment Date{{cart.abandoned_date}}It displays the date on which the cart is abandoned.
11Site URL{{site.url}}It displays the Main Site URL of the shop or company.
12Unsubscribe Link{{cart.unsubscribe}}It allows customers to unsubscribe from the email of cart abanded. If a customer unsubscribes from this link then they will not receive future emails for an abandoned cart.

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