Christmas - 10 Ways to Market Your Business

Christmas and holiday season is just around the corner with a month left before the big day. With many of the big holidays behind us like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, even Cyber Monday – its time to turn our focus to the next big spending time of the year.

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GDPR – Impact On Small Business

Over the past week or so, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of emails come into your inbox asking you to re-confirm your subscription to a certain newsletter or business’s online resources.  This is because of changes to data protection regulations in the European Union. Now you might wonder, “I’m not in the EU, how does this apply to me”, well we are going to break it down and how you can implement it to make your customers here feel more at ease about implementing the changes due to GDPR. Undoubtedly, other countries will follow suit with similar regulator changes.

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Google My Business For Small Businesses

When you want to look something up on the internet, where do you go? Probably, most you will say the first place you will go is Google. Eight out of ten consumers are using search engines to fetch business information such as contacts and working hours. For businesses, this reminds of the importance of online presence. Business owners should be informed of the emerging features that will make life in online platforms easier on top of optimizing your business operations. Google has a very intuitive platform called Google My Business.

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Facebook Pixel – What You Need To Know

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms with 2.2 billion users actively using the platform and that continues to grow with each quarter. If your business actively uses Facebook ads, are you tracking the analytics from that ad. Yes, Facebook has it’s own analytics but a Facebook Pixel takes it one step further.

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Building Your Email List

Email marketing is a powerful tool, and can be an inexpensive marketing method.  Starting and growing your email list will help you reach your target audience and help you to start making more sales. It can also be a driving force to bring traffic to your website or store as well as build brand awareness.

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10 Ways To Know If You Need To Re-Brand

The great power of branding can clearly be seen in the big names like Disney, Coca Cola, John Deere just to name a few. These big name businesses have taken many years to establish themselves in their respective industries. As they have grown, they have seen their brand grow and change as well through re-branding.

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