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Social Media & Digital Marketing

Ways to Engage – Part 1

So you’ve set up your social media channels but now you have to engage your audience in order to convert them from ‘likes’ and ‘leads’ to customers to help your bottom line. In this three-part blog series we will be chatting at how to increase your engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with some simple and effective tips.

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Marketing & Strategy

6 Marketing Ideas For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and sometimes we lose a little momentum as we look forward to a little break over the holidays. But you can also make one final push with your marketing in the last month of the year. Holiday marketing strategies work no matter your business. Your customers can always use a little reminder to stop in to your store to purchase those last minute holiday gifts or to reach out to set up your services.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Value of Social Insights

Social media insights provide so much valuable information to small business owners. The insights on social media are almost as valuable as the analytics you should be receiving from your website through Google Analytics. Be sure to use them to your advantage. Not sure what you should you be looking for or how to interpret it, keep reading.

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Marketing & Strategy

DIY Websites – What Platform?

As a business owner, marketing our businesses and starting to generate revenue is one of the key goals from day one. There are many different strategies that you can employ to get your business found by your ideal client. Your starting point should be to create an online presence – create a website! Websites are a great informational or even a sales tool if you sell online.

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Marketing & Strategy

Marketing Automation 101

The tools that are at the hands of marketers and small business owners is constantly changing. These tools can be used to serve different purposes and can some times help business owners with the day to day operations. Innovations of these technology have changed how business is carried out as well as increased efficiency and cut costs. Marketing has not been left behind, with marketing automation being one of the most prominent trends in the marketing world.

Marketing Your Business On A Shoestring Budget

Starting and establishing a business can be difficult. It also has the potential to require a lot of capital depending on what market you are trying to break into. Many business owners are focused on getting licensing and processes in order that they some times forget to set aside a portion of the capital budget to marketing.

Does Your Website Need An Update?

Having a website is the cornerstone to every business and is the most common marketing tool. Without a website and an online presence, it makes it very difficult for a potential client to find you. It’s almost like not having a phone number. Although there are obvious advantages to having a website but there is also one major disadvantage – you need to keep your content and website design up to date.

Photo Shoots – What To Wear For Each Season

Preparing for photo shoots is always key – whether it is deciding if you need a hair cut, a new outfit or if you’re too “matchy matchy” with your family members! But one of the most challenging things that most people ask us is, what should I wear? will it clash with the outdoor scenery?

Improving Your Website Ranking

Internet marketing through a website provides one of the best ways of getting potential customers to buy products and services. All businesses whether small, medium, or large need to include online marketing as one of the marketing strategies to increase sales. Search engine optimization and your ranking in these engine is key.

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Social Media & Digital Marketing

Social Media – What Platform Do I Use For My Business?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, there is no denying there is tons of options when it comes to social media platforms. In today’s world if you’re business isn’t online, you are missing out on being seen by your potential customer. A website is a good start but don’t forget social media.

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